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Designed to help you live brilliantly, marine collagen supplements are a powerhouse for healthy skin, hair and nails. Our marine collagen powder is made with activated collagen peptides to stimulate natural collagen production. It’s beauty at its most potent.

Made with naturally activated collagen peptides, Vida Glow’s range of marine collagen supplements and marine collagen powder work with the body to unlock youthful, radiant beauty.

Is marine collagen powder good for you?

As we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen slowly depletes – and this begins to show on our complexion. Supporting the natural ageing process, marine collagen peptides travel to the deepest layers of skin to address signs of ageing. Targeting fine lines and wrinkles, plumping the skin, increasing firmness and enhancing skin elasticity.

What is marine collagen powder?

Vida Glow's pure marine collagen is an ingestible collagen protein extracted from the skin of sustainably sourced fish. Marine collagen benefits skin, hair and nails by delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix to help stimulate collagen production and promote optimal collagen function.

Discover the beauty of marine collagen

Vida Glow’s hydrolysed marine collagen peptides are clinically proven to deliver a visibly healthier, more youthful complexion, so you get the most out of your ingestible beauty routine. For the highest quality marine collagen peptide powder, Vida Glow’s collagen supplements are tested for heavy metals and toxins.

How to take marine collagen powder?

The added benefit of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen powder is its versatility. Fitting into your routine whenever is most convenient, daily supplementation can range from 1-3 sachets a day depending on the extent of your concerns.

Buy marine collagen powder in your favourite flavour, then simply tear, stir and sip into any beverage of your choosing – day, noon or night. And consistency is key, in order to see tangible benefits. With a daily dose of the best marine collagen, the best results are achieved in a soon as 12 weeks.

Find the best marine collagen powder for you

Designed for convenience, Vida Glow’s natural marine collagen is heat stable, comes in a range of flavours and is available in on-the-go sachets.

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