A common pigmentary disorder affecting both dark and fairer skin types, may be induced by external factors, but mostly due to hormonal reasons and genetics. Whilst there is no cure or no definitive treatment that will make melasma's immediately disappear, some melasma's can be very well managed. This skin concern needs to be treated in numerous ways for optimal management:

  • First, a thorough skin analysis will be performed using  the Skinscope light, in order to identify the depth of melasma (epidermal, dermal or mixed). 
  • Second, the Powerful LIGHTENING Neoretin® serum will be used for 3 weeks prior to treatment. It is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor that will prep skin according prior to treatment as al its active ingredients will intervene in all phases of melanin production and synthesis, thus ensuring optimal pigment control.
  • Then, the Q SWITCH laser device will be used in various modes, to treat each melasma according to skin type and presentation. This is a minimally invasive treatment with little to no down time. While gradual improvement will be visible after one session, a treatment course recommendation is necessary.
  • Lastly, When treating skin disorders such as melasma, which is also internally induced, it is important to also consider treatment from the inside out. This is now possible with our innovative ingestible solution of skin health. Vida Glow Radiance Advanced Repair Capsules taken daily with food, works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten the appearance of dull complexions. This technology is scientifically proven and backed by science. 

$2000 for 6 sessions (10% off)
$2490 for 8 sessions (15% off)
(includes Neoretin serum and 1 month worth of radiance vidaglow capsules)