Future face skin regeneration

Unlike most microneedling treatments, Mai adds her magic touch with expert precision and post procedural follow up to ensure optimal results to revitalise and rejuvenate skin. Frequency varies and a course of 1-3 treatments will be recommended depending on what concerns are treated, microneedling depth and speed is selected accordingly. This treatment involves microchannels and micro skin puncturing to trigger growth factors to stimulate healing that results in the formation of new collagen. This can minimise fine lines and wrinkles, treat pigmentation, reduce the depth of acne scarring and pore depth.  Before microneedling, skin is first thoroughly cleansed. Skin still will appear red after treatment and will settle within 1-2 days. After 3-5 days, a complimentary “peel off” session will take place which involves deep exfoliation, a Light Emitting Diode (LED) Therapy treatment and Tensage Intensive Serum 40 infusion ampoule. This will restore skin and reveal an enhanced complexion and noticeable results.