Purposeful skincare... why now more than ever...

Purposeful skincare... why now more than ever...

These past few weeks I have genuinely felt the need to reflect deeper about the actual state of the world and have had to question the role I was playing amongst all the chaos. We are being forced to isolate, away from our loved ones, we have to work and home school at the same time. Our children can no longer have their much needed interactions with their peers, and are spending too much time on screens instead. Then we, the parents, need to manage their mental health as well as our own.
Right now I believe we are being challenged against our very own nature, in the most profound way, because the connections we rely on to feel healthy and balanced have been taken away from us.
This situation has forced me once again, to question Everything... from: how I chose to show up for you, to: was I still following my purpose, and: are the services that I provide still in line with what I stand for? Given the circumstances worldwide, providing skincare advice just seemed too superficial somehow...

So, after spending a few weeks in silence, and just noticing the noise instead of engaging with it, and taking a good long deep look into what was coming up for me, I started to notice and feel that I am STILL exactly where I need to be.

For me, looking after my skin and body gives me energy to move gracefully into the day. Now more than ever I need to love myself more and put myself first; because we need to be the beacon of light for the people in our life that depend on us.

Looking after our physical appearance fills up OUR cup, gives us fuel, and has a direct effect on how we feel, which is “satisfied”. And when we feel satisfied, we get more productive, we vibrate at higher vibrations, we are more patient and resilient; we spread light, love, and positive energy around which provides huge benefits to the people in our world.

Having a purposeful skincare routine becomes part of a daily ritual to care for ourselves, so we can care for others BETTER, and have the clarity needed to make the right choices, and this is where lies our truest form of beauty.
Skin to heart, beauty that runs deeper than the skin ❤️🌈🙏



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