"When you use your passion in the service of others, it becomes your purpose".

Skin Care Products and Skin Care Treatment


The skincare products that I provide and recommend are backed by science; they are powerful and effective. These will provide real effects on the skin, so I would recommend that you first book in for an initial consultation in order to cater for your skin’s individual needs and concerns.

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Dr Deepak Chopra states that “through the practice of yoga sutras and meditation, and by transcending the senses, we can actually reverse our biological age at a genetic level”.

Skin Care Products and Skin Care Treatment


Submit your contact details for a virtual consultation with Mai. The consultation will include a discussion about your skin type and skin condition. A treatment plan will then be developed tailored to your skin concerns and skin goals. Click on “FAQ” for more information.

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I recently had a facial from Mai and can't explain how amazing she is. She put so much effort into completely understanding my skin and gave me the suitable recommendations, both treatment and product-wise. I walked in with wrinkles around my eyes, walked out without them. Mai is lovely, knowledgeable and most importantly gets the results you want. Thank you Mai!

My first visit for a facial here and OMG! The therapist, Mai, is simply wonderful. Not only does she know absolutely everything about skin and skincare, her customer service and the results from her treatment are just impeccable.. It was Rebecca Harding's posts that got me to this salon but it will be Mai who keeps me coming back. Only one visit and l am officially converted!! If I could give an overall rating of 100, l would 🙂 🙂

Mai is an amazing dermal clinician. Been with her for about 6 years now. I don’t even live in Melbourne anymore but I make sure to book in whenever I am visiting. She goes above and beyond for your skin. Highly recommend.

After having facials all around Melbourne and never being overly satisfied, I feel like I hit a gold mine finding Mai! I walked away from the appointment feeling so satisfied, that I had to message every one on my contact list to drop everything and book a treatment here!! I am thrilled that I no longer need to “shop around”, as I’ve found “Mai” place 😊.

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