Notes from Maï

For the  past 22 years, I have connected with clients of all ages, and by guiding them into their own journey, I found myself also diving into mine.

As a young therapist trying to manoeuvre my way through the beauty industry, I realised that to feel true happiness, other aspects of myself also needed to be seen. Today, I am choosing to show up in my most authentic way, by raising awareness about a topic that am passionate about. Society is allowing new beauty standards to reach dangerous levels by accepting that face apps and enhancing filters become the new normal. Most of us will struggle to reach these standards in real life, unless we choose to go for more enhancing type options, like agressive dermal treatments, or injectables. The danger poses when these treatments are performed on clients that are too young and vulnerable to handle the emotional and physical changes, and will possibly risk over treating or over filling, causing irreversible physical damage to the skin. This outcome can result in anxiety, depression, addiction, and fear. 


I created skin to heart because I believe that with the genuine care and guidance, the best physical version of ourselves can be reached at any age, with the appropriate treatments plan, and the correct mind set.  Nowadays, youth is experiencing tremendous suffering with mental health, who are more inclined to look for ways to feel better and quicker, through consumerism. And the more we accept mindlessly what is being served to us via social media, and other platforms, the further away from our truest and happiest selves we will be. 


Beauty is a spiritual concept, and it has the power to move us and inspire us. Beauty can put us in a state of aw. Just like a child can be in aw of a beautiful face, it is in us all to recognise it as an energising experience. But the truest form of Beauty has a more profound meaning than just what meets the eye. When we break away from what society expects of us, and become our true selves, we tap into our true essence, we meet with our heart. When we live from the heart, our beauty spreads beyond the skin and radiates out of us into the world, to help others, to be kind to ourselves, and to heal. To recognise and accept our own beauty at every age, and every stage, is  a lifestyle choice. To me, real beauty means to show up for ourselves with respect, and compassion, to grow in awareness and to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual selves along the way. It is freedom, and That is what beauty truely means to me!

Skin To Heart was created to shine light into a truth that is very close to my heart. Yes, we can enhance the health of our skin, but deeper aspects of ourselves also deserve to be nurtured, and I believe that these need to be considered in order to reach our truest form of beauty. Skin to heart can lead us into a beauty that runs deeper than the skin.