About Us

Skin To Heart is led by renowned Aesthetic Clinician Mai Guillou, who has spent 20 years developing Mai’s Method, a fusion of traditional French techniques, advanced technology and a holistic 380 approach to beauty. Mai’s Method is the foundation of Skin to Heart and draws on Mai’s background in dermal science and yoga, resulting in choreographed massage techniques, carefully sourced cosmeceutical skincare and technology. Skin speaks, and Skin to Heart listens by focusing on the skin journey. No two skin concerns are the same and emotional and mental wellbeing can affect skin. A treatment at Skin to Heart is not just a facial – it’s about treating and nurturing the skin from within. Mai and her team take a considered approach, offering personalised and purposeful skincare combined with bespoke transformative facials and lifestyle recommendations. It is this inside-out approach that shines light into a truth close to Mai’s heart that beauty runs deeper than skin.