Tighten and Glow Package of 4

Tighten and Glow Package of 4

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Tighten and Glow combines two modalities in order to target full facial rejuvenation and ageing. The first modality is FRAC 3, which is a non ablative laser rejuvenating treatment that targets dermal layers through controlled heating of the skin. Small imperfections such as facial micro-vascularity and micro-pigmentation can ultimately be removed after multiple treatments. As a non-ablative treatment, heat is delivered via wavelengths to increase collagen production, improve skin tone and texture. FRAC3 can be used on the face, neck and colour correction, and is similar to genesis treatment on the market. 

The second modality is PIANO mode, that delivers controlled heat through a long pulse method to initiate skin remodelling by causing controlled photothermal damage to the dermal layer of the skin. The goal of PIANO mode is neocollagenesis, which is the production of new collagen. For the best results 4-6 treatments are required every 4 weeks. e course of a treatment program that usually consists of at least 4 to 6 treatments.


Package of 6 is available for: $1650

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