iS CLINICAL by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE endeavours to improve the physical and emotional well-being of people everywhere. To ethically ensure the welfare of our customers, we place the highest importance on independent clinical testing for the maximum level of performance and safety. Laboratory testing is performed on the final formulation of the product, not just individual ingredients featured in the product, so that the results of clinical testing will accurately reflect the product’s real-world performance on the skin.

iS CLINICAL products feature some of the most innovative ingredients in skin care, such as our latest innovation called Extremozymes. Extremozymes® are enzymes produced by plants living in extreme environments that assist survival and adaptability. These miracles of adaptation can also be used to protect human skin from damage caused by environmental extremes.

We draw from the natural selection processes of specialised extremophilic organisms, pioneering the future of skin care in terms of ultimate protection for healthy skin.

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