Angel Brightening
Angel Brightening

Angel Brightening

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Ultimate skin toning experience
An advanced pigment laser therapy treatment with little to no downtime, the Angel Treatment involves 5 steps of skin toning for the ultimate rejuvenation, especially for darker skin types.

This treatment breaks apart and removes excess melanin pigment without harming the surrounding skin, as well as reducing redness and vascular lesions around the nose and cheek area. The end goal of the angel treatment is to even skin complexion through reducing pigmentation, vascularities in the skin but as well as focusing on collagen and elastin production. Instead of treating each concern separately, this treatment is full face rejuvenation. 
Post treatment is we apply our epi-novelle facial mask as a post treatment care to assist with cooling, soothing and moisturising the skin. This mask will improve skin complexion and support skin regeneration. 

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