Skin To Heart Consultation

Skin Analysis System

During your consultation, there will be a thorough skin analysis performed by Visia, which will also allow for base line photos of your skin. During the time of your consultation, your therapist will go through your skin condition, and will take the time to listen to your skin concerns.

There will also be the opportunity to go through your current skincare regime, and if need be, slight tweaks to your routine may be advised with specific product recommendations implemented, in order to serve your skin better.

The consultation can be performed on its own, which can be used as a stepping stone to getting your skin prepped and ready for a treatment. In which case, this option is priced at $100 and will take 45minutes. This first step sets up the beginning of a long-term relationship, as we like to keep in contact and check in with the progress of your skin, and when needed, slight changes can be made along the way as your skin keeps on improving.

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