Pigment Laser Therapy

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Colour correction and skin toning

Pigmentation is a common skin concern for both dark and fair skin tones and can be treated effectively with Q SWITCH laser therapy using 1-3 different modalities. After an assessment, your therapist will determine what laser toning will be best suited considering skin tone and the nature of your pigmentation.

This treatment corrects and improves uneven skin tone, firms, tightens and brightens skin. This is a minimally invasive treatment and those with fairer skin may require low downtime as epidermal dark spots and sun induced dyspigmentation may darken temporarily. This is the first step to treating pigmentation or managing melasma at Skin to Heart. While gradual improvement will be visible after one session, a treatment course recommendation will be personalised.

In order to successfully treat pigmentation, we need to be able to assess the skin first and determine what pigmentation concern a client has, as well as do a skin analysis in order to determine whether the pigmentation is epidermal, dermal or mixed. 

Freckles and Sun damage: 
Can occur on the face and body, can be an accumulation of damage from environmental stressors over the years that gradually come to the surface. These can be targeted with our Q-switch laser in order to find the best targeted approach to reduce the appearance of pigmented lesions on the skin.

A common pigmentary disorder affecting both dark and fairer skin types, may be induced by external factors, but mostly due to hormonal reasons and genetics. Whilst there is no cure or no definitive treatment that will make melasma's immediately disappear, some melasma's can be very well managed. This skin concern needs to be treated in numerous ways for optimal management

Prices - From $350 depending n the amount and type of pigmentation. Different modalities may need to be used.