Which platform is used for a virtual skin consultation?

The virtual consultation will be done via FaceTime or WhatsApp, I will call you directly on your device at your allocated appointment time.


What is required prior to the appointment time?

On the “skin consultation” page of the website, you will be able to fill out your details. 4 photos of your skin and a 5 second video will need to be uploaded onto the file, in order to assess your skin. 1 photo of each side of your face will be needed, as well as your forehead, and a full face picture. The video needs to start from one side of your face, across your forehead, down to the other side, and across the lower portion of your face.


What to except from a virtual skin consultation?

The initial virtual consultation is price at $50 and you will need to allow at most 30mins. During this time, we will discuss your skin type and your skin condition; we will also go through all the products that you are currently using at home. Then, I will be able to tweak your routine according to your skin concerns by recommending a personalised skincare routine tailored to your skin’s needs.

Following the consultation, you will be entitled to 1 month of skincare guidance in order to make sure that the products you purchased through me are working correctly. It may sometimes happen that I need to tweak your routine after a few weeks while your skin is getting used to the new active ingredients, but most of the time, it is just a matter of switching the products around, or introducing them at a slower pace.


How will you receive your package?

The recommended products and skincare routine will then be shipped out to you via post, or through contactless click and collect from Windsor, 3181.

There are different options for postage via Australia post. For all orders above $150, the shipping is complementary. If the order is under $150, there will be is $9 postage and handling fee. An option for express postage is also available for an extra $6 per order.


How can you keep in check with your skincare routine?

I encourage clients to book in for a follow up skin consultation 1 month after the initial consultation. The virtual review is priced at $50 and will take 30mins at most. More photos and videos will also need to be uploaded in order to follow the skin’s progress. It is important to remember that skin changes constantly, particularly because the products that I recommend have a real effect on the skin, so the routine will most likely need to be reviewed and updated, depending on how your skin reacts to the products. I very rarely keep clients on the same products once they run out, so a review consult will enable you to get much better results as your skin keeps on improving along your skincare journey.


Where are we located?

Our address is 394 High Street Windsor, 3181. We are just past Williams Road/ High Street intersection.