What options are there for first appointments and consultations?

We offer consultations on their own or paired with a treatment for new clients' first appointment. It depends on preference, some people are after consultations to help with skincare advice only, in which case clients can book in for consultations on their own. These are priced $50 with Charleigh and Vanessa, and $100 with Mai.

However, for clients who are looking for guidance regarding skin concerns and skin health, we would advise to book in for a consultation, followed by a treatment. During this first appointment, our signature treatment involves exfoliation, extraction, hydration, LED and growth factor infusion allowing all skin types and concerns to be treated. If clients select this option then the initial consultation is complimentary. 


How can i have a consultation with Mai?

Mai conducts consultations either through FaceTime or Zoom, due to her limited availability (and they have been proven to be very successful), and the cost is $100 for a consultation. 

During this  consultation time, Mai will speak with you about your skin concerns, assess your skin (Mai will ask for some photos to be sent through). From there, Mai will make slight recommendations on either treatment or product options which will be introduced into your routine and which will help with both skin types and concerns.


Does Mai treat new clients?

It is really important to understand that although Mai cannot take on any more clients within her schedule, she still oversees all treatments performed by her staff, (who have been trained personally by her, on top of their own qualifications as dermal clinicians). At Skin to Heart we work as a team, and all clients will be treated by all team members, including Maï, during our clients' 4th visit, which generally coinsides with the end of an initial treatment plan.

Can I get advice on a product that was not purchased through our store?

During the initial consultation we will assist with advice on products that have not been purchased through our store, and will work out how these can be incorporated into your new routine, as long as these products still benefit the health of your skin. Unfortunately, if a product has not been re/purchased through our clinic or on our online store, we will be unable to provide further guidance or advice on how to use that product after an initial consultation. We stand by providing the best service possible and we encourage long lasting relationships and loyalty, because this allows us to manage any future issues and we will also keep your file up to date with the most recent products. If a product was not purchased through our website, we suggest reaching out to the company it was purchased from, as they have a duty of care to assist you in any concerns or questions you may have.

What is the aftercare post signature treatment?

Our signature treatment generally involves no downtime, although sometimes, mild redness may occur, which subsides within 30 minutes to an hour post treatment. Occasionally, slight flakiness around the nose and chin may also develop 3-4 days post treatment, mostly seen if the area was more congested and required more extractions. This is usually very well managed with using our recommended skincare routine.

Post S2H signature treatment, we recommend not getting your face wet for minimum of 12 hours, ideally it is best not to use anything on the skin the night of treatment. This is due to the amount of serums infused in the skin, including our very popular growth factor serum. We find the results last longer when we let the treatment work on its own. Washing our face too close to facial can increase possibility of post procedure dryness. 

Another recommendations is to be careful in the sun, we always apply SPF post treatment, but due to exfoliation we recommend keeping out of the sun. We also recommend refraining exercise 24hours post treatment.

Is it normal to purge or breakout after a facial?

No, for all of our specialised facials it is not normal to purge after a treatment. This is due to us performing extractions that will ensure we get anything that is lingering under the skin. If you find that you are breaking out post treatment, this is usually due to a home product being introduced too close to the facial. If this is the case, please contact the clinic and staff will ensure to resolve this issue. In the event that we may notice potential future break outs possibility post treatment, we will be able to tell you how to manage it if this happens, and once again, you will need to contact the clinic straight away.

During some of our resurfacing treatments, including micro peel, microneedling, FRACTAT and some Q-switch treatments, we have found that occasially, a breakout can occur. This is usually managed very well with proper aftercare, and guidance from our team, while your skin is healing. Please contact our clinic if this happens, as we like to keep up to date with mild side effects post resurfacing treatment.

How do you prep the skin for resurfacing?

Your clinician will get you onto personalised skincare, and this will also help to prep and strengthen your skin for resurfacing treatments. First appointments are usually our signature treatment which incorporates exfoliation, extraction, hydration, LED and growth factor infusion. This will help prep the skin and allows for your clinician to see how your skin responds to certain actives. Once the skin has been prepped and is on appropriate skincare, then we will be able move onto resurfacing treatments. 

Do you offer injectables?

Yes we do, we have an onsite doctor who works within our space every Monday, between 1pm and 5pm. Dr Theva offers complimentary consultations for all new clients, and if this day doesn't suit, his clinic is only a 5min drive away from us, and he will also be able to see you there during other days or times. During your consultation, will be able to go through your concerns and Dr Theva will discuss with you in details, your options. Anti wrinkle treatments are offered as well as Dermal Fillers, and of course, our very popular Bio-Remodelling treatment Profhilo. 

What happens if i have a reaction to a product purchased?

The only way we can refund a product is if a reaction has occurred. This is done by our team, who will make a product reaction claim, to the distributor. In order for this to happen, providing us with very clear photos of the affected area is absolutely crucial. If we do not have any proof of reaction, the product cannot be refunded.

We do not offer refund for change of mind if the box has been opened and product has been used. However, if the box is still sealed, then refund or exchange is possible.


What shipping methods do you use?

We use Australia Post for all our online and in-clinic orders, if ordered before 12pm we can ensure same day dispatch occurs. Once an online order as been fulfilled, tracking confirmation will be sent through. 


What happens if my online order is lost or stolen?

We offer during the checkout process a selection of delivery preferences. For example, clients are able to select whether they want delivery with or without signature. If clients do select no signature on delivery, Skin to Heart is not eligible for any lost or stolen goods. If you did select signature on delivery and an issue has occurred, please contact reception staff on 0410 559 582 and we will assist with a resolution. 


Do you have Afterpay?

Yes, we offer Afterpay both online and in-store which can be used on both treatment and product purchases. However, we only accept Afterpay on orders over $500, this is due to the big fee that Afterpay take from so we are unable to provide Afterpay under $500. 


Do you do refunds with Afterpay?

No, unfortunately due to the large fee Afterpay take from orders. We are unable to provide a credit or refund as we do not get reimbursed from them.


Where are we located?

Our new address is 251 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144. Near the corner of High Street and Glenferrie Road. Opposite Cafe La Via.