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“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” Confucius.

 As a young girl, my fascination for creams, textures and scents was so great, that my mother allowed me to accompany her to her facial appointment at the beauty parlour. I developed an instant admiration for the beautician at hand, dressed in her elegant white outfit, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen; her scent was exquisite, there was so much grace in her. In her presence, I felt instantly soothed and in my element. I remember having just one thought in mind: I wanted to be just like her.

 I graduated with the diploma of beauty therapy at Victoria University in 2001 and it was not until 2006, with the desire to learn and travel, that I moved to Europe, and discovered the imaculate spa industry whilst working in Paris’s most prestigious spas of 5 star standards. Being bilingual enabled me to move to an international training role within the same company, and I was also often sent to luxury beauty events during the festive seasons on the French riviera.

These experiences opened up other avenues for my career and I accepted my first managerial role as head of a Parisian skin and body centre, which specialised in high-tech laser hair removal devices, body contouring solutions, and differing anti-ageing modalities.

In 2011, Life took me back to Melbourne, and soon after my daughter was born, I decided to broaden my knowledge by studying the bachelor of dermal sciences. This led me to gain insight into the cosmedic medecine industry, and working alongside various cosmedic physicians and surgeons in their facilities.

I feel incredibly grateful to have turned one of my passions into a 22-year career, practicing my skills with numerous cosmeceutical brands, working alongside and learning from incredible therapists and practitioners, which have enabled me to acquire the insight I now have about skin health.


4 years ago, I moved to Australia, filled with purpose, determined to pursue my interest in skin health. I Enrolled in the degree in dermal sciences, and became absolutely fascinated by the ins and outs of skin sciences. Half way through my course, we were hit with the global pandemic. I manoeuvred my way into the course, still managed to attend face to face practical classes (these were rare at the time), but in between skin concerns case studies and in clinic treatments, I realised that my fascination in skin health had turned into a passion. 

On a quest to find the perfect vessel to pour my knowledge and passion for skin, I found Skin To Heart, and under Mai’s guidance and positive affirmation, I also realised that this passion extended also into caring for others. My degree enabled me to gain the knowledge that was required to understand Skin To Heart’s transformative treatments; but it was my engagement with Skin To Heart’s clientele that helped me realise that being the helping hand of others fills my cup with joy. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to practice my skill, in line with my caring nature. Because I get to be of service to others in the name of skin health, and that to me I think, is priceless.


My interest in skin grew from a young age, I was always fascinated by the beauty industry. I first started gaining experience by working at Mecca Cosmetica, and this led me to doing freelance makeup shortly after. I also knew I wanted a career in being of service to others, which is why I chose to study and complete my bachelors degree in psychology after high school.

But it was not until I met Mai for the first time in 2017, when I suffered from my own skin issues, that I found my true calling. Meeting Mai is the reason I changed my path from Psychology to now studying Dermal sciences.

Working alongside Mai at Skin To Heart is a privilege. Not only am I able to improve on my skills and knowledge through the constant support and teaching, but I am also able to fulfill my purpose, which is to help others be and feel  comfortable in their own skin, and so, with a holistic approach to health. Working together as a team, in order to help someone heal and feel more empowered, and build long lasting relationships, is what I love most about my role.

Because being part of the Skin To Heart family is NOT just a job, it is actually a lifestyle! By focusing on and getting curious about all pillars of health and wellness, the team and I find ourselves also constantly evolving on a personal level, and grow towards the best version of ourselves.

I love how Mai and I are absolute geeks and are inspired by science. We are fascinated by nutrition, wellness, healing, fitness, and basically by this incredible piece of machinery that is the human body.

My all time favorite is discovering how taking the correct supplements can affect the mind and skin in a positive way. If anyone could see me the notes section on my phone, they would see it is filled with notes about skin, supplements and nutrition. In the future, I hope to expand my knowledge on skin, and would also  like to go back to uni, to dive into the world of nutrition and natural therapies, because I believe the key to longevity is linked with these other avenues.


Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by the idea of beauty. I remember spending many hours playing pretend hairdressers on my mother's hair and was always on the hunt to trying new makeup looks on friends and my family.

I graduated from high school in 2020, enrolled in a bachelor in health science, and shortly after, swapped over to a graphic design course, neither of these seemed to catch my attention long enough.

But it was not until my sister Charleigh entered the beauty industry herself, and started her role at Skin To Heart, that I began to wonder if I too, could maybe find my place within this space. A year after Charleigh found her happy home alongside Mai, I was offered a very casual position to help around within the clinic, at that stage we had just come out of lock down and the team needed an extra pair of hands.

 When I started working with Mai, I felt out of my league as I did not have a lot of knowledge about skin or customer service. However now, all I want to do is learn more. When I get home from work, I love to read through the skin book I have created from all my notes about the skin, products, and supplementation.

Mai inspires me every day from the way she cares about her clients and their skin, to always ensuring her staff are happy and comfortable. Her ambition for Skin to Heart truly is mesmerising and I could not have asked for a better teacher and boss.

 When Skin to Heart transitioned from a skin clinic to a wellness clinic, I knew this was where I wanted to stay, because mental health and keeping the body healthy are topics I feel very passionate about. Helping to create a place where clients feel safe, relaxed and cared for is very fulfilling.

I begin my studies in Beauty Therapy at Victoria University this year, and I am so excited to widen my knowledge about skin and treatments.


Bonjour, my name is Marine and I am an eyebrow cosmetic tattooist and eyelash specialist.

Born and raised in the South of France, at a very young age I always had a passion and an eye for beauty. I started working in the beauty industry since the age of 17 and completed my higher education at a beauty collage in Avignon, France.

My young career started with acquiring the fundamentals working for a skin care & beauty clinic whilst balancing prospects of becoming a professional ballerina. As I developed experience within beauty industry, I quickly realised that I wanted to specialise in brows and lashes. The depth of knowledge I possess within my industry has manifested itself through years of training and guidance amongst world class industry experts.

As a little girl, my dream was to master my craft. I moved to Melbourne Australia when I was 23 years old with a few words of English. With strong ambition and an intense desire to master my abilities, I continued a long and extensive evolution in sharpening my skill. Honing in on brows and lashes, I wanted to specialise in Ombre brow cosmetic tattooing; of which I genuinely feel defines a person’s face.

I’ve had the pleasure of shadowing multiple leading experts in the industry and with more than 14 years of experience, I have curated my own signature craft. I’ve developed a tenacious passion in transforming the faces of my client’s bringing inspiration, joy and cadence.

Throughout my extraordinary journey, I have met an array of inspirational woman and my wonderful husband. My expertise has allowed me to work all over the world including my home, France where I draw good-spirits from family and friends. For an amazing lash & brow experience, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: marine@frenchdefinition.com.

Dr Theva

Dr Theva is an industry-leading anti-aging specialist who is passionate about his work and speaks regularly at seminars and conferences about his experiences.

Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to become a doctor and contribute to people’s health and wellness. I wanted to make a difference in their lives.

I never liked seeing anyone unwell. I wished I could heal them all. In my own family, three of my close uncles died from massive heart attacks. I said to myself “why can’t anyone help these people and prevent their deaths?”

The desire to help others never left me as a child. Hence, I studied for 6 years to become a doctor and for twenty-one years, I practiced as a General Practitioner(GP). I have had a very successful practice in three different clinics, serving thousands of happy patients. Additionally, I was a GP educator for medical students and GP trainees, and an examiner for the General Practice professional examinations (FRACGP).