FRAC Revive Advanced + Laser

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The ultimate skin correction and Resurfacing with minimal downtime 

FracRevive™ Advanced + includes a 4 step skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal downtime, performed with a Non ablative ND yag laser (frac 3), both full-beam and fractional Q-switched Nd:YAG laser as well as a  Fractional KTP laser. This treatment improves the patient’s skin tone and texture, targets diffused redness, as well as reduces pore size, pigmentation, and static wrinkles.

What is fractional resurfacing?

Fractional Q-switched laser, enables extremely high peak powers to be concentrated in a matrix of tiny spots to induce fractional photoacoustic shockwaves. When the FracRevive procedure is performed in non-ablative mode, fractional microscopic lesions are formed in the epidermis and dermis due to plasma micro-explosions, leading to cavitation, while the tissue surface remains intact.

The FracRevive mode is ideal for applications such as rejuvenation, texture improvement and acne scar revision, particularly in darker skin types for which other ablative procedures are often avoided.

This treatment option includes the application of Bio Cellulose epi-nouvelle mask from Dermviduals, which instantly cools the skin and enhances hydration. This mask will improve skin complexion and support skin regeneration. 

It is really important to understand that although the Starwalker laser from Fotona is often reffered to as a "cold" laser, due to its photomechanical effect (as opposed to photothermal effect), inflammation is still instigated within the skin. The heat felt during the treatment is induced through a very normal histamine response within the skin. For this reason, we often recommend our clients to take an oral antihistamine prior to their treatment, as well as possibly the day after.

In some individuals, the histamine response can be exagerated, which could lead some clients to feel itchy for a few days and, in more severe cases, hives can be experienced.

The dermal clinician at SKin To Heart will help you manage these transient side effects by offering clients an LED light treatment at a reduced price following your treatment, as well as the infusion of our very popular TENSAGE SERUM INTENSIVE 40, which will speed up recovery, leaving your skin back to its glowing state.

This treatment is the best of both worlds - resurfacing with minimal downtime

OPTION for combining Hydrafacial prior to this treatment for an extra $125 only