Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness  

Just as a healthy mind & body is vital to our wellbeing, our emotional health is fundamental to ensuring that we are able to positively navigate the ebb & flow of life’s transitions and demands. 

Life happens …some of the stuff that happens does not ‘touch us’. At times, it does - it ‘sticks’ and we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or reactive because the ‘buttons have been pushed’. 

Over time, this can result in experiencing many issues relating to lack of self esteem/self worth, depression, grief & loss, anxiety, abuse/trauma,  loneliness, ill health or lack of purpose 

Sukhwinder offers personal empowerment/transformation sessions that allows you to ‘spring-clean’ from your emotional body, whatever emotional toxins that you may have been holding on to over the years ....... so that you can reconnect to the inner wisdom to facilitate deep healing and release from what has been holding you back from living the best version of YOU. 

Having been a Therapist for over 30 years, Sukhwinder draws on her professional expertise and experience to help you release any blocks to accessing your true potential.  

“Go within. Be not afraid of what you will find - Love, Serenity & Peace Divine”
- Sukhwinder Kaur

For further information about emotional wellness visit https://www.journeyintoheart.com/