Join Our Exclusive Loyalty Longevity Program


With a transformative and holistic approach to overall health, Skin To Heart begins a new chapter with our Longevity Loyalty Membership that treats every layer of our beings from the inside out.  We believe in treatments that focus on wellness with long-term results. Our expanding menu offers the likes of laser therapy, ingestible beauty supplements and of course, our new Total Xen Booth 

Through the LED booth, we are healing the body – and face, on a cellular level. By delivering focused amounts of energy systemically, the internal health of the body is optimised, improving sleep, mood, energy levels, while at the same time, reducing pain and inflammation.

Purchase your LONGEVITY LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP for $1000 annually and be eligible to receive: 

  • Total Xen Booth 5-week initiation program with 2 weekly sessions  
  • 10% off all products and treatments  
  • Monthly Total Xen Booth treatment to maintain results 
  • Discounts on ingestible beauty subscriptions
  • $100 complimentary Birthday Voucher  
  • 2 x Xen Booth Gift Cards to give to friends 

Click here to join the journey and invest in your overall wellness!