New Clients



Our philosophy is that no skin or person is the same! We embrace and address differences with the shared goal of achieving healthy glowy skin. If you’re planning on coming to see us at Skin to Heart, just know that we cannot wait to welcome you to a truly personalised experience!

Before the Customised Facial is performed, we take the time for communication. Our Visia Skin analysis device will enable us to capture the health of your skin, and this is when your baseline photos will be taken. This is an important step as it will enable the team to regularly show you your skin progress along the way. Your skin concerns and  goals will then be discussed, along with the different pathways available. Our passion lies in sharing knowledge and empowering you to understand your skin and needs. We recommend you bring photos of your products as well so we can determine together what truly serves your skin. Our consultation is a collaboration between you, your skin, and our team. Homecare is one part of the puzzle as are treatments. We want to support you on your journey to glowing healthy skin.

The cutomised Hydrafacial treatment will then follow the consultation, in order to gain more insignt into the health of your skin. This treatment includes extractions, healing, and hydration of your skin. We will be able to evaluate your skin barrier function and how efficiently your skin holds onto moisture. 

The first step of this transformative treatment involves the use of advanced patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate skin with nutrients, peptides and antioxidants. We choose what to use based on what your skin type is and if any conditions are evident.

Following this, a LED Light Therapy treatment will be performed, which will stimulates the healing of the skin; this step is an absolute non negotiable in most of our treatment options. The final step includes the infusion of the Tensage Intensive Serum 40 Growth factor ampoule, massaged into the skin, which will optimise the results.

It is important to understand that even though Mai can no longer take on new initial appointments, Mai does oversee everything in terms of treatment plans and skincare recommendations. The team work extremely close together and have a process here where all Skin to Heart clients have the opportunity to be treated by all staff, meaning that at your 4th appointment Mai, can take clients for a treatment and check on skin and treatment plans.


OPTION 2: booking in a consultation only

During your consultation, there will be a through skin analysis performed by Visia, which will also allow for base line photos of your skin. During the time of your consultation, your therapist will go through your skin condition, and will take the time to listen to your skin concerns. There will also be the opportunity to go through your current skincare regime, and if need be, slight tweaks to your routine may be advised with specific product recommendations implemented, in order to serve your skin better.
The consultation can be performed on its own, which can be used as a stepping stone to getting your skin prepped and ready for a treatment. In which case, this option is priced at $100 and will take 45minutes. This first step sets up the beggining of a long-term relationship, as we like to keep in contact and check in with the progress of your skin, and when needed, slight changes can be made along the way as your skin keeps on improving.
Our therapists like to work as a very close team, which means our clients are seen by all members of the team, including Mai during your 4th visit, or when deemed appropriate.