(Here) Yoga



Set in a light-filled open space, (Here) is a community committed to providing intelligently-designed yoga in a safe, friendly and calming atmosphere.

The (Here) Yoga team is built on the foundations of community, connection, and sincerity. All of our teachers offer their own style but our common thread is authenticity and a desire to be of service to our students. Owner Sarah & (Here)’s incredible team of teachers aim to create a comfortable & calming space for the community to flourish.

Yoga with Masha

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Yoga means to Yoke, to come together and now is the time to bring all the holistic treatments under the same roof. When we take a deep breath we release tension not only from our inner body (lungs, kidneys, heart) but also from our outer body (skin, eyes, lips). Learn how to connect to your WHOLE body by practicing yoga.