Real Vs Fake

Having spent the last year conversing with women all across Australia, and guiding them throughout their skin journey, I am reminded everyday about why I chose this industry and why I still love to be of service to others in the most authentic and honorable way. And I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to practice my passion, in line with my ethos.
But today,  I am choosing to talk about a topic that is bigger than us, and the dangers I fear are very real. We, practitioners in the beauty industry, are facing a real concern. It seems that the perception of “beauty” has now reached a whole new level that will be very hard, and merely impossible reach in real life.
We are now accepting that “face apps” that enhance our features, smooth our lines, and brighten our complexion, are the new normal. These face apps make us look like a version of ourselves that we will never be able to reach in real life, unless we choose to go for more enhancing type treatments (ie: injectables), and even then, the results may not be Guaranteed, or may not last as long as we want them to.
These apps are available to anyone willing to pay for them on a monthly basis. With these at our disposal, what we perceive as ourselves is yet again just another distorted version of ourselves that may bring unnecessary anxiety by allowing more fear into our hearts (fear of “not being enough”) and will keep on dividing us; it will entice us to keep on comparing ourselves to others, which is a recipe for disaster, disastrous for our mental health.
I created Skin To Heart because I believe in what is true, good, and beautiful. Yes, I believe that the best physical version of ourselves can be reached, and yes, there is a genuine link between looking good and feeling good.
But we need to remember that paying attention to our physical appearance only, will not necessarily bring us true and sustainable happiness.
Choosing these new beauty standards will only take us further away from our truest and happiest selves, whilst other aspects of our beings are simply screaming to be seen, felt, and heard.
Skin To Heart  ❤️🌈🙏

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