How To Future Proof Your Skin For 2023

How To Future Proof Your Skin For 2023

Inflammatory skin conditions: Aesthetic Clinician, Mai Guillou

Inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne and eczema, are a key concern for many, which according to aesthetic clinician Mai Guillou from Skin to Heart, the factors that contribute to inflammatory skin conditions “are highly related to increased stress levels, poor diets consisting of too much refined sugars, processed foods, unhealthy fats and lack of sleep as well.” And it’s not always the easiest fix. Modern living can get the best of us – triggering imbalances that start to show on a superficial level.

Tip: Mai Guillou recommends enlisting the expertise of a dermal clinician. “Preferably a clinician with a holistic approach to skin health, and wellness, who in general, will be able to guide you into ingestible beauty and prescribe a skin care routine that you will stick to and enjoy.”

Focus on targeting the skin from the outside-in with evidence-based active ingredients and a treatment plan performed in-clinic. “Our skin and body are highly linked with our diet and correct supplementation,” says Mai Guillou. By treating skin concerns from the inside out, you’re treating the root of the issue at a cellular level, optimising results and also the longevity of these results. Your complexion is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally so this should be a top priority.

For example, if acne-prone skin is a burgeoning concern – whether you’ve been struggling with hormonal imbalance, gut imbalance, high stress or weary of post-pill breakouts – skin-supportive acne-specific supplements like Vida Glow’s Clear will be your best bet. Working synergistically with a streamlined, clinic-prescribe topical routine to prevent and protect skin from present and future breakouts.


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