Beauty, a spiritual concept by nature, has the ability to move us and inspire us. I enjoy treating skin, bringing it to optimal health and beauty. But usually, the journey does not necessarily stop there. The skin to heart journey can take us to a beauty that runs much deeper than that… into our hearts. The journey into our heart is not an easy one, as it requires us to open it up, and dare to look inside,  but it is definitely a rewarding one. Because once we tap into the power of the heart, we choose to live our life with courage and kindness; and this is where true happiness can be found, and therefore where lies our truest form of beauty. I have partnered with varying professionals, who are experts in their field, to help support you into this journey of self discovery, whether it be to help you unravel and peel off the layers of your beings, or to stay connected to your physical, emotional and spiritual selves in order to reach that sustainable happiness that we all so desire and deserve.